Bury St Joseph to Sell House

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Top 10 ways to sell your home

Here’s my confession… on the top 10 ways to sell your house. Eighty percent of people trying to sell a house on their own fail to procure the desired price or terms favoring them. A further 70% stay for a long time before getting a suitable buyer, and at least 20% do not get a buyer at all.

New information reveals at least ten successful methods which turn to odds into your favor.

1. Ensure to price your house is right – The most important factors to review when selling your house in its current value in the market. You should try not to overprice it since you may lose the newness of the home’s attractiveness after the initial weeks of showings. You also do not want to under price the house either. See to it that your realtor analyses the local market and finds out what similar properties are sold for around your neighborhood.

2. Grant the Buyers What They Covet – What is their desire nowadays? They want to do less with more. If they are religious and the statue of St. Joseph on the curb needs a facelift, give it the aural appeal by re-polishing it; light it up for special appeal in the twilight. Show them also, that your house can adapt to their needs. Show them that your house can expand as they expand. Remember the adage, a good house in a good shape for a nice price. You will not go wrong.

3. Paint It – The single fastest, easiest and least expensive things you can do to renew your house is to give it a fresh coat of paint. This will cover up wear and tear and trade coating the house in vibrant colors where there are neutral tones will ensure buyers envision themselves in their new home rather than in your old house.

4. Home Staging – Home staging is more than just de-cluttering, repairing, and repainting and cleaning, it is creating that mode that sells a house. Like accessories that make a model look like a million bucks, staging should make your house look brighter, bigger, cleaner, and warmer and most should make a house buyer want to live in it.

5. Curb Appeal – Initial impressions are very important. Most buyers make the decision whether or not they are going to buy before they get to the front door of the house. Your curb should make a great first impression. It does not take much to make impressive improvements. Flower boxes, gleaming mail box, a painted front door can give an all important edge on whether the house is bought or not.

6. Ensure that it is Easy to Show – If a prospective buyer makes an appointment to see your home, he/she has already agreed to several crucial decisions. They most provably like your neighborhood, the exterior appeals to them and your price is with the range of what they are looking for. It is up to you to make the interior elegant as possible by keeping it spotless. You need to be flexible in your showings and letting them ponder on what you are offering by leaving them alone in a way that makes them feel at home.

7. Go Green – Ever increasing numbers of people have become ecologically aware these days. This is not just a strong concern for the environment; it is also about rising energy costs. If your house is more energy efficient, it is capable of saving buyers on their bills in the long term, as well as low VOC paint making them feel healthier, comfortable, assured in their new environment.

8. Open House Parties – The Open House party is one of the best tools for selling your house. Ensure that your open house party stands out from any other open house in the neighborhood. Invite all your neighbors who may have friends who want to buy a house in your neighborhood. Entice them to stop and look by using incentives such as cocktails of free car wash. Think innovatively to get potential buyers and their agents to open their eyes to your open house.


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